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Currently showing at Courtyard Gallery in Idyllwild, Cal 

address  26120 Ridgeview Dr.





I love being a watercolorist .

Art in watercolor is exciting it is the stain of color on paper made of cloth with the design of the drawing to hold it all together


 Viewing  a painting be it in watercolor or any medium is exciting and it should stir ones emotions. I paint to do that ,stir ones emotions; when you see a bird ,an animal or waterfall  in my painting ,I hope you think of the sound of the bird  the animal or hear the waterfall . Art is living in the viewers mind.  My offer to you is to have that experience with one of my paintings  please contact me to own one

Owning a piece of art

Owning a work of mine, I hope will bring you wonderful emotions that you get each time you glance at it. It is one of the joys of owning art  Sizes of the paintings and prices with or with out frames available upon request


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