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Due to the Coronavirus all shows have been cancelled. 

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I love being a watercolorist .

Art created in watercolor is exciting. A painting is created by applying paint that seems to float and stain paper made of cloth, hence creating a painting . WOW! That excites me.


 Viewing  a painting be it in watercolor or any other medium is exciting. It should stir one's emotions. I paint to do  stir the vewer emotions. When you see an animal or waterfall in one of my paintings, I want  you hear the sound of the animal or the waterfall . Art is living in the viewers minds.  My offer to you is to have that experience, when you view  my paintings.  Please contact me to own one.

Owning a piece of art

Owning one of my paintings, I hope will bring you wonderful emotions. That you receive  each time you view it. That is the joy of owning art.  

Sizes of the paintings and prices with or with out frames available upon request.

I am a member of the following Art Associations:

Art Alliance Idyllwild, Coachella Valley Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society, Watercolor West,  National Watercolor Society  Desert Artists Council ,and  Create Center for the Arts,


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